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Croatia Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Award winning photographer


Hello & Welcome!


My name is Katarina and I am so delighted to find you here!


I am a mom, wife, traveller, photographer and just a friendly human being.


I am kind, open, curious, resourceful girl who loves her family, travelling around Croatia and the world and photographing everything she sees ( ha ha, its funny but its true!)


From the moment I can remember myself I was always fond of photography, in particular photographing people. During my childhood I watched my father snapping every day images of our family, they were raw, true to life, unposed. Not always flattering but so real! And now I consider those photos the most valuable heritage of my family!




It took me years to come where I am right now and realise my true passion. I am here for you to create memories of your wedding day, the most important day of every family. These are the photos that your family will treasure for decades. Memories that will warm your heart, bring a smile to your lips and may put tears to your eyes ( I warned you:-))


My style of wedding photography is a combination of documentary and lifestyle with an artistic twist and editorial embellishment. 


I give great emphasis on documenting the key moments of the wedding day together with catching those fleeing emotions in authentic way. 


Its important for me to preserve your family relations, your traditions that have been passed through generations. Holding your grandma’s hands, hugging your dad, your mom kissing you….every little detail will be captured by me. Photographing everyone and everything that has formed the two of you.


Every image I create is a work of art, filled with meaning and authenticity, portraying your true emotions and connection.



There are thousands of things to plan when it comes to your wedding day.  I know how overwhelming it can be. I know how much effort you make to create your dream wedding.


I am here for you to capture each and every detail that you have carefully picked and crafted. So even if your wedding day flies by in a moment ( that's what is going to happen),  I am here to make a bunch of memories that will bring you back to the atmosphere of your big day.



Warning! Your guests may mistake me as your friend.


This is the most comment comment of every client by the end of a photoshoot: “ Girl, it feels like we know each other for years!” And you know what? I can not be any happier to hear that!


I am here for you! From the very first e-mail I receive from you to the last click of the camera on your wedding day. 


I am here for you if you are lost, I am here for you if you do not know which vendors to choose, I am here for you when you are not sure which time is right to start your ceremony, I am here for you when you want to share your vision of wedding photographs.


You can contact me any time when you have doubts, news or just want to say Hi.


I am here for you to support you before and during the wedding day, to guide you when needed. I am here for you to help you to make a dream wedding day!



I am different from most of the people because I haven’t stopped studying when I have graduated from university.


I believe in learning during the whole life. I believe in passion to your work. I believe that the only person I should compare myself with, is me yesterday, a month, a year ago. And when I do, I see that I have changed a lot.


My works have changed a lot. My knowledge & competence  have advanced over time in order to bring the best quality and service to my dear couples.


I constantly study, comprehending new knowledge that will make me a better person, better photographer. Every year I take between 5 to 12 courses directly or indirectly related to photography to deliver a unique experience to my dear clients.



  • Travelled more than 35 countries
  • Huge fan of goofing around with my kids
  • Love Croatian & Thai cuisine
  • Believe that every person is beautiful
  • Speak 6 languages
  • Love yoga
  • Addicted to flying on the plane
  • Ice cream is my favourite food in summer
  • Looove azure Adriatic waters
  • Summer is my favourite season while August is my favourite month 
  • Bucket list: visiting Madeira, New Zealand, Norway, Japan & Portugal

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