Nin Zadar Family Photo Session


(PART 2)


The story about the pink dress….


During our pre photoshooting communication Rita has mentioned that two years ago she has bought a dress solemnly for a photoshoot.


She has envisioned herself in that dress running around with her kids and husband in a deserted natural location when the sun goes down. The task was to find such place:-)


And during one of their travels they have discovered one very special place which was located only few minutes from the beach where the first part of the photoshoot took place.


When we came there few surprised awaited us. Firstly, the sun has almost set when we parked the car. Second, the location kinda look like a swamp on that day ( high tide day) and our feet immediately got wet. But it hasn't stopped us from creating wonderful heartfelt memories of this amazing family!


And yes, Rita looked so astounding in her pink dress!